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The Country Catnip ToyTM   page will soon offer a description of the toys and other products available from The Cat Sitter and a full explanation of the product features and benefits.   You will be able to make purchases directly via internet, fax, phone or mail.

Until then, Country Catnip Toys can be purchased at these Retail Locations.

All the cat toys have been designed by The Cat Sitter to be as safe as we can them.  They are filled with 100% organic catnip.  Your cats will love them.

Country Catnip ToysTM  Features and Benefits

Toys that are safer for your cats

No nylon or monofilament thread:  Many synthetic materials, such as nylon or monofilament thread, can be toxic to cats.

No yarn tails or adorning attachments:  Yarn  unravels easily and can cause your cat serious problems. . 

Also watch for parts attached by glue: Glue can be toxic. Many toy manufacturers use glue to attach ears, eyes, etc..  Cat Sitter toys have lifelike, sewn on leather tails and ears. Leather is digestible.

No bells, motors or other dangerous frills:  Many things attached to toys easily come loose and can choke your cats. 

The Cat Sitter uses Organic Catnip: No dangerous pesticides.

100% Organic Catnip filled: No cotton fillers.  No plastic type binders. Cats will eat almost anything. No cardboard used inside the toy to give it form. 

Country Catnip Toys are sealed in FDA approved Ziploc plastic bags:  For your cats safety and to keep toys fresh.

Country Catnip Toys are "right sized": Toys should be small enough for cats to carry, but too large to swallow.

If you wish to order toys now, please contact us.  We will fax you a catalog and an order blank.

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