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Making "Cat Sense"

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Issue Number 1*P.O. Box 232, Roswell, GA 30077*Phone: (770) 594-1010*Fax: (770) 967-4962* June, 1994

1994 Summer Issue

We hope you will enjoy this, our First Issue
of The Cat Sitter Newsletter

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1. Play with new Toys!
2. Litter Tracking
3. Oh, Sweet Mystery of Catnip
4. Client Referrals for Cat Sitting Service
5. Looking for New Homes

Hello! This is the first issue of THE CAT SITTER Newsletter for our clients. Your input is welcome - if you have any questions, topics, or articles you'd like to see next time. Tell us, or share any cat jokes you know!

Play with new toys!

We have three additions to The Cat Sitter Country Catnip product line. First is our cuddly fuzzy rabbit, in white sheepskin.

The second new toy is the plaid pillow toy. The front of this toy is 100% cotton fabric which allows more catnip aroma through to captivate your cat. The back is white sheepskin. The small, flat shape is designed for a cat to flip, toss, and catch.

Both the rabbit and the plaid pillow toys are now in production and available at better pet stores (see back of newsletter).

Coming in August will be what many of you have been requesting: a refillable cat toy. We've designed this toy with an easy refill system --- no more loose catnip spilling out over your clothes and floor as YOU try to renew your cat's favorite toy. Like all our toys, this toy has no hook and loop closures or any other nylon parts, because nylon is not safe for cats to chew. Watch out for our new toy and refill

Tips from the trenches

Litter Tracking

As professional cat sitters we've run into almost every situation imaginable and seen many approaches to common cat problems.

One common problem, especially with today's trend to more hardwood and tile floors rather that wall-to-wall carpet, is loose litter being tracked all over the house. Low-tracking litters can reduce the problem, but usually at a trade-off. One action is to place a deeply textured throw rug under and in front of the litter box so that your cat must walk across it for at least a foot or two on leaving the litter box. The average nylon bath rug will do; flat door mats and dhurries don't have enough texture to go right up in the paws and grab that litter out.

THE CAT SITTER Newsletter is an occasional publication for the clients of The Cat Sitter.

Founder, Owner and Manager:  Linda J. Bagne

Consulting Editor:  Linda Jo D. Mitchell

Copyright 1994 The Cat Sitter.  All rights reserved.

The Cat Chat Corner

Oh, Sweet Mystery of Catnip

What's got into your cat? Bring him home a fresh catnip toy and he goes berserk! Rolling all over it, licking and chewing it, pouncing around the room in ecstasy - and then, after all the excitement - falling into a deep, delicious sleep.

Just what is it about catnip that makes him so goofy? No one really knows for sure, but the smell of the volatile oils is said to be similar to the pheromones (natural chemical stimuli) of cats of the opposite sex. It acts like an aphrodisiac, "turning on" many cats. That euphoric effect is not addicting, though, and it doesn't occur in all cats. Don't worry if your cat doesn't react strongly; it doesn't mean he's abnormal. And kittens often don't react to catnip, either.

Catnip (whose scientific name is Nepeta Cataria) is a perennial herb, a member of the mint family, actually. It has been enjoyed by people as well as cats for centuries. Catnip tea, with its balsam like taste, is much like chamomile tea in that it relaxes, reduces anxiety and promotes restful sleep. It also helps relieve stomach discomfort caused by indigestion. The French use the young, tender shoots of wild catnip as seasoning in salads; the Indians used catnip tea to relieve infant colic.
Catnip, along with other mints, is a popular garden herb, attracting bees to the garden as well as cats. It has downy soft grayish-green, heart-shaped leaves, and it produces delicate white and lavender flowers all summer long.

The highest quality catnip you can give your cat is certified organically grown - that means the herb is grown from seed to harvest without the use of any harmful soil treatments, chemicals or pesticides.

Let your cat play right in the dried, crumbled leaves of the catnip, or buy him a high-quality toy stuffed with organic catnip. Either way, put catnip in the category of a special treat for your feline companion - constant exposure will make a cat lose his playful reaction to it. Use catnip every other week or so, and remember to store the toy in an airtight jar - preferably with some loose catnip - so that it doesn't lose it's aroma and potency. (It's also a good way to keep the toy away from the dog of the house - they often enjoy playing with kitty's catnip toys,, too!)

If properly stored between each playtime, catnip toys will last three to six months. Then it'll be time to bring home another fresh catnip toy, time to enjoy watching him go berserk all over again!

THE CAT SITTER line of quality products is available at these fine neighborhood pet stores:

For good service and more convenience, patronize your neighborhood pet store.

Client Referrals for Cat Sitting Service

Reminder- If you send us a new client, you get a referral award: your choice of one free visit or a country catnip canister with patchwork mouse and catnip.

Cover Graphics

Our cover model was drawn to include the names of all our regular customers as of June 1, 1994. We sincerely apologize if we've missed any of our favorite felines.

Client Requests

Sometimes life's challenges force us to find new homes for our feline friends. Two of our clients have asked The Cat Sitter to help them find new owners for their beloved cats.

"Chrissy", a sweet beautiful longhaired calico, 8 years old, needs to find a nice home where there are no children. She should be the only child. Her owner is moving abroad within the year, and does not want to subject Chrissy to the stress and isolation of a long quarantine period.

Brandy and Pete are two young adult male Abyssinans, playful, short-haired, and handsome. Their owner would like to place them together in a loving home.

These cats are all good-tempered, and in good health as far as we know. If you or someone you know would love a wonderful pet or two, please call us at 594-1010. Linda Bagne Bartleson will get back to you with further information.

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