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Issue Number 3*P.O. Box 232, Roswell, GA 30077*Phone: (770) 594-1010*Fax: (770) 967-4962* December, 1995

1995 Holiday Issue

We hope you will enjoy  the 1995 Holiday Issue of The Cat Sitter Newsletter

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1. Why Vaccinate Your Indoor Cat? 
2. Goodbye Charley, we'll miss you
3. Things You Should Know About The Cat Sitter
4. Welcome Addition to The Cat Sitter Family
5. Curtis Moves to Roswell
6. Wanted:  A Loving Home
7. Cat Baths:  The 10-Step Program

By David B. Bressman, D.V.M. and Henry 0. Muller, D.V.M.

A question commonly asked of veterinarians is "why should I vaccinate my indoor cat". Vaccines provide a way for your cat to develop an adequate immune response to defend itself against viruses. The main virus of concern by animal control officials is the Rabies virus. By law all cats must be vaccinated for Rabies and licensed with the appropriate county.

This is required to help prevent the spread of Rabies to the human population. If your cat is not vaccinated against Rabies, and it bites someone, it is subject to a quarantine of up to six months, or sacrificed for rapid Rabies testing, depending upon the circumstances. If your cat is vaccinated against Rabies, the quarantine rarely lasts for more than a few days.

Another important virus is the Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). The Feline Leukemia virus can be spread through the saliva of cats. Your indoor cat can be exposed to this virus by never going outside or having direct exposure to another cat. If your cat likes to look out the window when it is open and your screen is in place, another cat in the neighborhood can come up to the window and get into a spitting fight with your cat. If the outdoor cat is FeLV positive, your cat can become infected with the Feline Leukemia Virus. There is also the possibility of your cat getting outside and getting into a fight with a FeLV positive cat, and being exposed to the virus.

The FVRCP combo vaccine protects against a number of viruses, including panleukopenia,- penia, --- parvovirus, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus. In the most severe cases of panleukopenia and parvovirus, death can occur. The feline rhinotracheitis and calicivirus are upper respiratory viruses and can be easily transmitted between cats, and lead to severe respiratory diseases. Although vaccines don't always prevent your cat from developing these diseases, they can lessen the severity of them, and make them easier to treat.

Although many cat owners feel that their indoor cat is not likely to be exposed to and develop these viral diseases, the outcome can be fatal. Today's vaccines are very safe and relatively inexpensive, and can save your cats life. We recommend having your cat vaccinated and boosted on a yearly basis. if you have any questions, please contact your veterinarian for information.

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Goodbye Charley, we'll miss you

Linda Bagne Bartleson and I have been friends for ten years, or more. She was very well acquainted with my old cat, " Charley" fact, she gave him "a new lease on life" when I was faced with a "No Pets" ruling a few years ago when we moved into a different building in the same condominium complex.

"Charley" was not an ordinary cat. He was a "North American-Snow Shoes," with blue eyes, sable coat, and white feet. His unique personality and remarkable self containment had earned him the admiration and genuine fondness of all our neighbors in the previous building. Actually, his "social life" put mine to shame! How many times did I go to check his whereabouts in the early evening only to get a call from a neighbor on the 3rd or 4th floor. "Charley is up here Mrs. M.. We are having a party. May we keep him for a while?"

"Charley" passed away 3 months ago, at the ripe old age of 25 years. He was a happy cat, and I will always be grateful to Linda for her generous and caring help. Seven years ago, when she learned of my "No Pets" problem without hesitation she said "send-"Charley me", I'll take care of him till you get things straightened out." I did, and 4 months later he was home again, just as happy and healthy as ever.

Linda recently suggested that I write my memoirs of "Charley" for her Cat Sitter Newsletter. It's worth a try, so this is the first installment. Watch for more in the future. I hope you will enjoy them.

Mrs. M.

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Cat Chat Corner

Things You Should Know About The Cat SitterTM

bulletThe Cat Sitter now offers toll free service for your updates while you are traveling. The number: 800-396-6126. *
bulletThere is more: We now accept Visa And MasterCard for our products and services.
bulletA reminder: The Cat Sitter has liability insurance that is put at risk if you allow any uninsured people to enter your home while you are using the service. We must strictly adhere to our policy of not splitting a job between ourselves and your friends or relatives.
bulletWe have great looking "Cat Sitter" T-Shirts. Ask us to show you one; they are available-at-$15 each.
bulletCats love to drink out of cups and glasses; some prefer the cups and glasses to their bowls. Try it if you haven't already.
bulletEarn a free visit by helping us find new customers. You will earn a free visit as a referral bonus for each new customer you send us. Choose Country Catnip Toys instead of the free visit if you wish.

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A Welcome Addition to The Cat Sitter Family

Ms. Pam Ricciardi has just joined The Cat Sitter to help expand distribution of Country Catnip Toys nationwide and to help with cat sitting for peak periods and emergencies. This article will help you get to know her.

Hello I'm Pam Ricciardi and I've been a customer of "The Cat Sitter" for two years. I'm happy to be working with a service that I personally know is so very valuable.
I've lived in the Atlanta area for two years and work from my home doing freelance graphics, illustrations and writing. Of course, I Love cats. I've had my two cats, Soko and Esso, for twelve years now. They are truly my "babies! "

Soko was a stray kitten who survived an hour long drive to work wrapped around the battery of a friend's van. He was scared but fortunately, unharmed. Just a few days later, Esso adopted me in a pet store. He wrapped his little front legs around my neck and proceeded to hug and lick it and just wouldn't let go.

Before moving to Atlanta I lived in southeastern Pennsylvania, where I was the official cat sitter for any family or friends away from home. I'm also a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Doris Day Animal League.

I'm happy to provide a service that allows other cat owners peace of mind when they are away from home.

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Curtis Moves to Roswell
A Cats personal "first person" travel yarn

 My name is Curtis. I am a female 7 month old Burmese mix kitty. You would not believe what I have been through to get to my new home in Roswell, GA. It starts like this. My mom and dad, Katie and Travis Mitchell decided to move from Elko, NV to Roswell in July, 1995.

Originally my folks thought of driving me across the country with them. I would have spent 6 days in my yuckie kennel. But, thanks to my Uncle Steve and Auntie Jeanne, who live in Roswell, they suggested that I fly Delta Airlines instead. That sounded pretty good to me. However one problem arose. Do you remember how hot it was this July? Well, Delta was worried that it was just too hot, and for safety reasons, they wouldn't accept any critters, me included. Delta said that the only way I could come to Atlanta was if somebody came and picked me up so I could ride in the air conditioned cabin.

And guess what. That is just what my Uncle Steve did. He flew to salt Lake City to meet Mom and Dad and me at the airport and I got to fly with him back to Atlanta.

That was my first airplane experience and was it ever exiting. The flight attendants really thought I was cute and asked Uncle Steve if they could take me out of my little kennel and play with me. That was fun. Now, this is the life. What a great way for me to arrive in my new city and my new home. I can get used to this. And to top it all off, Delta gave me my first set of wings. They symbolize my first flight on Delta. They put the wings on my kennel. What a great souvenir of my trip.

I was sure glad to see my Mom and Dad when they finally arrived, Now we are again one big happy family. I live with my step brother cats Figaro, Reebok and Rusty. At first they didn't like me much ... but now ... they don't hiss and punch me as much. I guess that means they finally like me.

I can't wait to meet my new baby-sitter, Linda. Fig and Reebok told me she is real nice and will take great care of me when I have to be left alone. Rusty didn't have much of an opinion. I hear he normally hides under the bed when any strangers visit and misses out on all of the fun. By for now Curtis

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Wanted: A Loving Home

Whitey Cat was rescued last February from a restaurant in Haversham County where he had been dropped off as a kitten by a waitress who temporarily worked there. He was left to fend for himself-begging for an occasional scrap from a kind person. He is approximately 2 years old, has been neutered and has all of his shots. He is FIV positive and in need of the love and affection of a good home. He would be a wonderful pet in a single pet household or as a companion with another FEV positive cat. Any further information will be gladly provided by calling Vicki at 984-1611.

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Cat Baths: The 10-Step Progam
Begin regular baths at an early age ... anytime after the 12-week shots.

bulletFor obvious reasons, the first thing to do prior to bathing is to clip all claws.
bulletHair is hair. Use the best people shampoos you can find. If your cat's hair is oily, use shampoo for oily hair. The only exception to using people products is if your cat has fleas, fungus, or other skin problems. Then, use a medicated cat shampoo specifically formulated for that purpose.
bulletUsing a warm washcloth and a drop of baby shampoo or tearless shampoo, wash the cat's face and ears. They usually enjoy this part!
bulletPlace a rubber mat with holes (the kind used under dish drains) in the bottom of your sink for the cat to stand without slipping.
bulletPlace the dry cat on this mat, and wet down the coat with warm water using the hose and sprayer on your sink. Always maintain eye contact with your cat and talk to the animal in a reassuring and loving tone.
bulletWhen the coat is completely wet, lather up the shampoo and massage the entire body,
bulletRemember to continue talking to your cat throughout the bath.
bulletRinse the coat well with the sprayer until all the shampoo is gone. If you leave any soap in the coat, their skin will be itchy. If you want to be really certain that all the shampoo is gone, use a vinegar rinse of 1/2 cup white vinegar to a quart pitcher of warm water. Then rinse again with warm tap water.
bulletWrap the cat in towels immediately and blot the coat dry. I take warm towels right out of the dryer and cover the cat with these. Remember to make sure that any water that may have gotten into their ears is wiped dry. If the cat is a shorthair, simply toweling dry and keeping the cat warm until the coat is dry is adequate. If your cat is a longhair, you will need to blow dry the coat with a dryer while combing through the hair to prevent tangles.
bulletCats are fastidious animals who appreciate being clean. If you begin bathing at the kitten stage, it is a pleasurable, routine experience that most cats don't mind at all.
bulletReward the cat with some kind of treat (a bit of tuna, a lick of Nutrical, a teaspoon of all-meat baby food). Treat yourself to a glass of wine or some milk and cookies!

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A Champion in the neighborhood

Cal-Cat Persians is-becoming one of the  most respected names in  national competitions. Cyndi Lewis, the owner, recently took one of her favorite Persians to the envied position of CFA National Winner. Cyndi has graciously agreed to share some of her grooming secrets with readers of The Cat Sitter Newsletter.


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