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The Cat SitterSM Tribune

Making "Cat Sense"

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Issue Number 6*P.O. Box 232, Roswell, GA 30077*Phone: (770) 594-1010*Fax: (770) 967-4962* November, 1996

1996 Holiday Issue

We hope you will enjoy  the 1996 Holiday Issue of The Cat Sitter Newsletter

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1. Why Shop Neighborhood Pet Stores?
2. New Name for The Cat Sitter Newsletter
3. New Kid on the Block
4. New Products:  The Nature Collection
5. Truly an Angel
6. Cat Nail Tips (Furniture Scratching)

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Relax, make yourself at home while visiting your

Neighborhood Pet Stores

The pet industry has undergone many significant changes in the past five years. Some of these changes have been good--some devastating. The biggest change has been the introduction of the superstores and their effect on the local markets. As the President of the Pet Industry Association of Georgia and the owner of Roswell Pet Supply, Inc., I know first hand what these superstores have done to the industry.

Why should any customer want to shop at their local pet shop vs. the superstore'? There are many reasons:

  1. You get personal attention;
  2. You get someone who knows the products and can tell you how to use them;
  3. Pet shops really appreciate your business and care about you;
  4. More convenient;
  5. You get the best merchandise;
  6. You get merchandise the superstores do not carry (i.e., toys from The Cat Sitter
  7. Your purchases help the local economy.
  8. You get much better service.

At the superstore, you cannot get knowledge of the products; you cannot get service or information; you cannot get lower prices on equal products. What benefit is to shop at a superstore? It's large--which means it to find what you're looking for; and good luck if you have any questions or need to special order an item.
Sure, their dog/cat foods may be dollar or two lower bag, but your local pet shop will carry it to your car for you and your dollars will within your community--not be sent out of the state or country.

I have carried The Cat toys in my store since Linda some years ago. I recommend to customers and other pet shop owners these customized, toys. Superstores do not have them. "Hats Off" to Linda Bagne Bartleson.

In the past four years, since the superstores have been in the Atlanta area, 265 local pet shops have been forced out of business by unfair pricing, lack of consumer awareness, and the overall ability of the superstores to control the pet industry market.

What would happen if all the pet shops were gone--leaving only the superstores?

  1. You can be sure prices would increase drastically
  2. Selection would be limited;
  3. There would be no customer service;
  4. There would be no knowledgeable staff to answer your questions and offer help
  5. and many would realize a big inconvenience

The next time you are faced with the decision of where to go for your pet or pet supplies, think about supporting your local pet shop and local economy. Those folks are your friends and neighbors. They will greatly appreciate your coming in and shopping with them. You are welcome to relax and make yourself at home.

The Cat Sittersm Newsletter has a New Name!!

Did You Notice?

Ms. Ashleigh Clark, from M Marietta Georgia, has won our contest (announced in our June issue) for a new Newsletter name. She won with the name "Cat Sense" . We have built this name into our newsletter for the first time in this issue; "The Cat Sitter Tribune SM, Making Cat Sense".

Ms. Clark wins one of our new products, a white mailbox decorated with cats and hearts.

Our congratulations to Ms. Clark.

New Kid on the Block
   by Pam Blane, a customer of The Cat Sitter".

Bringing a new cat or kitten into a home with established feline residents can be traumatic not only for the cats butfor the owners as well. in fact, problems can arise not just by bringing new cats into the environment, but by any changes at all in that environment. Cats are territorial and are much happier in familiar surroundings. A new baby, a new kitten, a new home? Any of these will upset your cats. Time will usually solve the problem, but it can take months. Literally. The following letter is one person's experience. We would be interested in hearing from others.

Dear Linda,

After having had Panama for years as an "only child" I brought home a kitten, Pandora. Getting Panama used to having a sister was a dilemma. So, here's what I did. Panama was so upset for the first two days he even threw up. For the next three weeks, I gave him all the attention if they were both around. I fed him first, said hello to him first, picked him up first, etc.. Of course when he left the room or went outside, I loved Pandora to death.
I think the tone of your voice says a lot to them too. I would say, "Panama, you have a playmate", or, "isn't she a nut?" while rubbing him. I think it all sunk in finally; that he was still loved just as much. So he calmed down and now they are great friends and playmates.
I wake up some mornings and they're both in the bed with me. Or outside, they will be catnapping in the sun together. And they love to play chase through the house.
I love having the two to keep each other and me company.

"The Nature CollectionTM
        A new line of Country Catnip Toys- by The Cat Sitter

The Cat Sitter has introduced a new line of refillable Country Catnip Toys-. The toys are called "The Nature CollectionTM." Cats love to hunt; it has been one of their instincts since the beginning of the species. But what does an indoor cat do?
We have the answer. Give your indoor cat a toy from The Nature Collection- Each refillable toy in The Nature Collection represents an animal in the wild. We recommend replacing with a fresh catnip refill each three months. Your cat will play with the toy on and on.

If you are tired of negative stories, read on. This one will lift your spirits

Truly an Angel
   by Mr. Neil Pringle, a customer of The Cat Sitters

Having a loving ,wonderful cat slowly dying of kidney failure over a two week period of time was very painful for my family. Visiting our sick cat every morning and evening at The Cat Clinic of Roswell became a sad ritual as she slowly worsened.

One afternoon I noticed a tiny calico kitten covered in a thick sticky yellow goo located in a cage next to our cat. Questioning the attendant, we discovered that the female kitten had been found behind a Waffle House badly burned over 50% of her body. Speculation was that she had been deliberately burned or set on fire. The doctors were not confident the kitten would live. For hours each day for many weeks, attendants held the kitten because her paws and underside were so badly burned, she could not stand. Not knowing if the kitten would survive, the attendants affectionately named her "Angel." I also found myself petting her and spending significant time encouraging Angel to live.

Several months following the traumatic death of our cat, I received a call from the Cat Clinic of Roswell to ask if we might be interested in adopting Angel as she was now on her way to fully recovering from the bums. They said we were good cat parents and wanted us to have Angel. She has become a sweet and warm kitten resulting from many hours and days of holding her in the hospital trying to encourage her to live. We think she is truly a special angel.

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Cat Nail Tips
     by Pam Boatright, a customer of The Cat Sitter


Pet Industry Association of Georgia

The Cat SitterSM is a proud member of the Pet Industry Association of Georgia. Over the past years we have seen the good this association does for the welfare of pets and for the success of your local pet stores.


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