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Issue Number 7*P.O. Box 232, Roswell, GA 30077*Phone: (770) 594-1010*Fax: (770) 967-4962* May, 1997

1997 Spring Issue

We hope you will enjoy our 1997 Spring Issue
of The Cat Sitter Newsletter

Read this newsletter from front to back, or go directly to the article of your choice:

1.  Fleas and Their Control
2.  Flea-Free ( Suggestion that Works)
3.  Free Kitty Visits for Referrals
4.  New Products (The Seashore Collection)
5.  Adopt Your Very Own Computer Cat
6.  Love and Tuna fish Cakes
7.  Building A Relationship with My New Cat
8.  The Cat Sitter Receives Refillable Toys Patent
9.  Cats Hide Their Pain
10.Are Bugs Eating Your Cat's Food?
11.Too Much Dust in Your Scoopable Litter?

Fleas and Their Control

Information Supplied by

Holcomb Bridge Animal Hospital

Fleas are small external parasites of dogs, cats and other warm blooded animals. Infested animals often scratch extensively, resulting in poor and infected skin and hair coat.  Fleas can also cause physical problems, such as anemia, allergies, as well as acting as an intermediate host for tapeworms.  Effective flea control protocol must include both the animal and the environment.  Only a small percentage of a flea's life is spent on your animal's body. Most of the life cycle is in the animal's environment (i.e. your home).

The adult flea can live up to 3 months, but in that short time a female flea may produce as many as 500 eggs. These eggs can hatch in as few as 5 days. They may, however, remain dormant for as long as 6 months if environmental conditions are not suitable.

There are a two basic ways to help control fleas:


        a) PROGRAM (Lufenuron)

An oral non-killing medication for dogs and cats. Lufenuron interferes with flea egg and larva development, thereby acting much like a birth control pill.


Hire an exterminator or treat your home yourself, using flea adulticide and immature flea inhibitors (e.g. spray applications or Flea Busters Powder).

            c) OUTSIDE TREATMENT

Spray applications.



     Animal treatment should always coincide with environmental treatment.
                                                (Continue for at least 6 weeks)

            a) Bath and Dip

                Bathe the animal 2 to 7 days with a flea shampoo (check label for product safety).

Use a sponge-on dip or flea spray on the animal after bathing (always follow product safety instructions). Dips should not be used more than every 7 to 10 days.

            b) Monthly Treatment

                Application of a monthly adulticide. We will discuss three types:

                        FRONTLINE TOP SPOT

    Apply, as directed, over shoulders once monthly. Protects against both     fleas and ticks.

Animals can not be bathed 2 days before and up to 4 days after application. Moderate bathing after application does not alter long term effect.

The manufacturer recommends wearing gloves when applying. Can be used on dogs.

            -Imidacloprid -

Apply, as directed, over shoulders once monthly. Protects against fleas.
(note: kills grasshoppers and termites)

Can be applied to a dry animal after bathing. Rebathing will remove some product and decrease effectiveness.

Can be used on both dogs and cats.

                    FRONTLINE SPRAY
                           - Fipronil -

Same active ingredient as in Top Spot, however, needs to be sprayed onto animal. Kills both fleas and ticks.

This product does not wash off with moderate bathing or swimming. Any spots that are not sprayed are subject to a flea infestation.

Can be used on both dogs and cats.


by ELLEN J. ROSS, a customer of The Cat Sitter"

I experienced a flea infestation in my Florida home several years ago. There was no subtle warning. I discovered fleas as I was walking through the kitchen - my white socks were covered with black dots! Needless to say, I panicked.

My neighbor told me to set-off flea bombs. "It's the only way to get rid of them in emergency situations," he said. I refused, however, to use flea bombs,. knowing they only provide temporary flea relief.

Then I saw an ad by FleaBusters. The ad described how one application of a non-toxic powder would, leave me flea-free for one year. Sounds to good to be true, right?

Well, FleaBusters put their magic powder on my carpet and under the couch cushions; and within a few days I was flea-free. Their special powder simply dehydrated the adult fleas that came into my home. Hence, no eggs to hatch! It was that simple.

The next time I see fleas I'll certainly be searching for a flea company that uses that "special powder."

Ellen J. Ross is a freelance writer and owner of Caravel Text, a business writing service (770-956-7615).

If You Have Any Questions Concerning Flea Control, Please Call
Holcomb Bridge Animal Hospital: 770-998-8865

Free Kitty Visits

Refer a Friend to
The Cat SitterSM
Receive one "free" visit when
your friend schedules the
first visit

The Cat Sitter Receives Patent for Refillable
Country Catnip ToysTM

Cats love playing with our refillable catnip toys and won't want to miss The Seashore CollectionTM.

These toys are safe for your cat; as they're made without zippers, fasteners or velcro. Just refill with fresh catnip paks every three months and your cat will have-endless fun.

The Sea Shore Collection will be out by this Christmas.

Adopt Your Very Own Computer Cat


For those of you cat lovers with computers, you can now have your very own computer cat. With the Catz CD-ROM, you can actually take care of him as he grows into a mature adult.

There's no litter box to clean, but you will need to feed him food and water, groom him and show him lots of attention. There' even a camera to take photo's of your cat as he grows from a kitten into an adult. You can teach him tricks and let him play with his toys. There's even a mouse for him to play with! He'll also protect your computer as a screen saver. All this for $19.95 at Computer City and Comp-USA.

Dr. Mitchell W. Hecht is a board certified Internist with Northcare-The Primary Care Network of North Fulton Hospital. His office is located at 4347 Shallowford Rd., Marietta, in East Cobb (office # 770-645-6422).

Dr. Hecht is also the author of the nationally syndicated medical column, Ask Dr. H. .

Love and Tunafish Cakes


Hello. I've loved and taken care of cats as far back as I can remember. So, I look forward to my reponsibilities as The Cat Sitter manager - especially the opportunity to visit so many special cats.

I named my first kitten Poussez (French for push) since she was determined to have it her way. One year, on Poussez's birthday, I gave her a party. All the cats in the neighborhood were invited, as well as siblings who had moved away. I made delicious birthday cakes out of tunafish, decorated with little friskies.

One invited sibling, India Ink, even decided to extend Poussez's birthday celebration by spending the night with her two month old kitten in tow. Needless to say, Poussez's birthday was quite an affair.

Building A Relationship
by SUSAN MILLER, a customer of The Cat Sitter SM

We first met in February of 1984. Over the next few years, she would come -either alone or with a friend - to visit. We would sit on the porch, have a snack and watch the birds and squirrels. The relationship stayed the same until December of 1986 when the frequency of her visits accelerated.

She came on a daily basis at dusk and would stay until almost exactly 7:30 PM. This went on for two weeks and then the visits became longer, stretching until 9:30 PM. After the first of the year in 1987, she began staying later and later until finally she just never left.


I anxiously watched the neighborhood booking for any signs of an owner; none appeared. And, I must admit I was thrilled - by now I had grown extremely attached to this ball of grey fur.

This twenty-pound ball of fluff became my Pumpkin and my valued companion. The last ten years have flown, but at least I have gotten over the fear that she may leave me!

Being a Maine Coon, Pumpkin is a charming cat who has never met a stranger. Her favorite form of exercise is to be petted and brushed (Linda is extremely good at this activity and ranks as one of Pumpkin's favorite people).

Certainly not everything in life has gone my way, but I stand grateful to have made it through Pumpkin's interview process.

Taking care of Pumpkin is the best job I've ever had. The pay is nil, but the benefits are incomparable. Thanks Pumpkin, I owe you one!


1996 Was A Great Year For The Cat Sitter SM
Over 1700 Kitty Visits!

Thank You!!!

You will find

Country Catnip ToysTM by The Cat SitterSM

at these fine Atlanta area stores

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We market nationwide.

Please call us at (770) 594-1010 for locations outside the Atlanta area.

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