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The Cat SitterSM Tribune

Making "Cat Sense"

Issue Number 9 * P.O. Box 232, Roswell, GA 30077
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  Sept, 1998


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We hope you will enjoy our 1998 Summer Issue
of The Cat Sitter Newsletter

Read this newsletter from front to back, or go directly to the article of your choice:


  1. Save Your Furniture, by Pam Ricciardi

  2. The Monster Chronicles

  3. New Horizons for The Cat Sitter, by Linda J. Bagne, Owner

  4. Adoption, by Mr. Pat Davitt (Mr. Cat Sitter of Rochester, MN

  5. New Home Needed

  6. Cat Lovers' Cookbook

  7. Magic catz: Your Computer Petz

Save Your Furniture
    by Pam Ricciardi

Does your cat prefer to claw your favorite chair rather than use that rather pricey clawing post you bought for him? That's because scent plays an important role in your cat's clawing behavior.

Cats have scent glands on the underside of their paws. When they claw a piece of furniture, the clawing motion releases their scent from these glands and rubs it into your furniture. Your cat is trying to combine his own scent with your scent to create a "family" scent. That's why your favorite chair takes a beating!

Try tying a well-worn old shirt around the clawing post and gently direct your cat to it when he starts to claw your favorite piece of furniture.

Thank You!
by Melissa Paven

I would like to thank everyone for saving the "Help Homeless Pets" points for me. With your much-appreciated help, I've been able to send 1,400 points to Good Mews since November, 1997.

Please keep up the good work. Cats and kittens not as fortunate as our own need our continued help.

The Monster Chronicles
Occasional Correspondence from Monster G. Macfarland

My name is Monster G. Sharland. I'm the oldest of three cats who live in a big house with a human who speaks with a funny accent. My know-it-all Italian sister, Fila, tells me that our housemate is from England. But, of course, I knew that. Why else would my bothersome brother be named Gromit?

Well, enough of them. Let's talk about me. I want to tell you about how I chose my mum, Helen. I was six weeks -old and stranded in the middle of a busy highway in Florida. Something was terribly wrong and I was very frightened. I had nowhere to go, so I tucked myself into a small, tight ball and hoped that no one would hit me.

Suddenly, a friendly hand touched me. I looked up and felt safe right away. Mum picked me up, ran across the road, and placed me in her car. I noticed right away that cars are much nicer on the inside than the outside.

Mum took me home and tried to make me comfortable. I purred to show my appreciation. Humans like that! In a future letter, I'll give you details on my famous training video, "Purring for Effect."

My purring worked! I got milk and tuna while Mum went to get some dirt (English term for what we Americans call litter). I could see that she wouldn't need much training. Mum gave me a name, which she used quite often, frequently exclaiming, "You little Monster!" Over time, we shortened it to Monster. In another letter, I'll tell you how the "G" was added to my name.

One day Mum came home and started to pack the car. Had I committed one too many transgressions? Hadn't I purred enough? I shouldn't have worried. The Monster charm held true. At the end of her packing, Mum scooped me up and announced, "We're off to Minnesota, Monster."

New Horizons for The Cat Sitter
by Linda J. Bagne, Owner

We would like to extend a warm welcome to The Cat Sitter's first franchise in Rochester, Minnesota, the home of the Mayo Clinic. Joni Butler is the owner/franchisee.

Joni is assisted by her "Mr. Cat Sitter," just like my "Mr. Cat Sitter" helped me in Atlanta. Kudos to our silent, but extremely important, partners - our husbands!

Joni has been experiencing steady growth since her start of business on March 2, 1998. There are now a lot of lucky cats and kittens staying in the comfort of their own home environments with quality care while their owners travel.

A Message from Linda

I'm pleased to announce that I am cat sitting again for my Atlanta customers, who I've missed so very much! I can't wait to visit with your precious furry children once again. Also, I extend a warm welcome to all my new kitty clients.

And I'd also like to welcome Barbara Bryan as the newest member of The Cat Sitter staff.

Our next issue features an informative article about litterboxes by cat owner Shelby Mack.

by Pat Davitt, "Mr. Cat Sitter," Rochester, MN

Adoption: the process by which one chooses or takes and rears as one's own.

Cat adoption is commonly thought of as a trip to the local Animal Shelter to select a cat or kitten. But there is another, often overlooked, form of adoption. It is a slow, graceful ballet that plays out over several weeks, sometimes leading to a lifetime relationship.

It begins with a quick glimpse, a flash behind the shrub or across the back lawn. You know then that you're being considered for adoption. The next step is yours, and is usually a bit of food left outside as an offering. Dry food works best. It has good "shelf life," doesn't attract insects and endures both the heat and cold very well.

Placement of this edible offering is important. It should be somewhere where it can't be seen from inside your home. This provides private dining, which is clearly preferred while you are being evaluated. It also prevents indoor cats from observing this ritual. They can find it quite distressing to observe their outside brethren.

During the feeding process, you must leave the food dish outside. If you bring the dish inside, wash it immediately. Never ever let your inside cats eat any leftover food or examine the dish. Remember, the cat(s) you're feeding may carry a contagious disease.

As this feeding ritual becomes routine, you'll only need patience. After delivering your food, remain in

view about 10 to 15 feet away. Don't be discouraged if you don't see anything the first day. You may never see your visitor. In that case, consider yourself fortunate to have helped your furry friend with the stress of unsheltered survival.

Once you've made visual contact, shorten the distance to the food just a little every day. Over time, you should be able to sit with your new companion at mealtimes.

The next issue of The Cat Sitter' Tribune will discuss bringing your visitor into your household.

 New Home Needed

Baihley is a 6-year-old spayed calico female who has lived with her original owner since birth.

She was placed with PCHS, the Humane Society in Rochester, MN, when her owner passed away. Baihley is used to a quiet, one-per- home. She would love to be able to sit in the sun and look out a window, and be petted from time to time.

There is an adoption fee that t goes towards her veterinary and daily care. Please call (507) 288-7226 to inquire about Baihley and the many other cats who need a good home.

 The Cat-Lovers' Cookbook

No, it's, not about how to cook your cat! But this witty, illustrated book does contain 40 simple, delicious, chop-licking entrees that are a totally nutritious alternative to canned cat food. And it's packed with invaluable suggestions to help ensure the continued health of your finicky feline. THE CAT-LOVERS' COOKBOOK. Recipes by Tony Lawson. Created and developed by Kingsley Barham. 1986 Storey Communications, Inc.

 PF. Magic Catz:  Your Computer Petz

Enjoy the antics of your very own interactive computer cat while you work. Choose from a selection of adorable kittens. Feed, groom and train, and watch your kitten learn and grow! Available from PE Magic, Inc. www.pfmagic.corn

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