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The Cat Sitter, LTD was founded in 1990 in Roswell, GA, near Atlanta, to provide reliable and caring pet sitting services. We wanted our customers to feel confident that their cats would receive genuine TLC and that their homes would be safe until they returned. This has been accomplished. The Cat SitterSM is now one of the most respected and recognized pet services in the Atlanta area, and is certainly the most professional. Our plan is to make this quality service available throughout the country. The success and growth of The Cat SitterSM has been a result of expansion into new areas:

The Cat TaxiSM provides transportation for your cats to your vet, your groomer, or to the airport.

Country Catnip ToysTM are now distributed through many pet stores and vets throughout the country.

Franchises for The Cat SitterSM service are now opening in major cities. Franchisees, such as this one in Rochester, MN, are very carefully screened and trained to ensure the quality of the service is uniform everywhere.

Call us if you have questions.