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 The Cat Sitter SM currently offers service in the north area of Atlanta, Georgia and in Rochester, Minnesota. 

If you need Cat Sitting services, please contact us.

If you are interested in a Franchise,  Franchises are Available:

If you are interested in opening your own  franchise, please phone Linda Bagne Bartleson at 800-396-6126 or fax or email the Atlanta address above. Linda has learned the cat sitting business through many years of experience and a wide exchange of ideas with people in a multitude of pet-related businesses,  like customers, groomers, veterinarians, pet stores, toy manufacturers, advertisers, other cat sitting businesses and creative people of many types.  A franchise partnership with The Cat SitterSM  can save you many months and even years of reinventing the wheel.  We estimate that only one in 20 pet sitting businesses lasts five years. Don't go down their track.  We can help you avoid their mistakes. 

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