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  1. Your Cat's Health

  2. Cat Behavior and Cat Care Tips

  3. Neat Cat Stories

  4. Articles About The Cat Sitter

  5. Cats Needing Homes

  6. General

Articles Listed by Category 

bulletYour Cat's Health
  1. The Silent Disease (Dental), by Tobin Emrich, DVM
  2. Do the Right Thing (About neutering cats) American Humane Society)
  3. Geriatric Medicine:  Care for Older Cats
  4. Watch Out For Plastic Bags
  5. Feline Dental Care
  6. Why Vaccinate Your Indoor Cat? 
  7. The Cat Safe Toy
  8. Fleas and Their Control
  9. Flea-Free ( Suggestion that Works)
  10.   Cats Hide Their Pain
  11.   Thyroid Problems Common in Older Cats
  12.   Senior Cats
  13.    Right Behind My Ears

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bulletCat Behavior and Cat Care Tips
  1. Good Litter Box Habits Begin with You, by Shelbi C. Mack
  2. Litter Tracking
  3. High Sided Litter Boxes
  4. When Your Cat's Litterbox Habits Change
  5. Removing Hair From Furniture
  6. Cat Nail Tips (Furniture Scratching
  7. Cat Baths:  The 10-Step Program
  8. Are Bugs Eating Your Cat's Food?
  9. To Much Dust in Your Scoopable Litter?
  10.   When carpets and hardwood floors are   being  stained by     problem cats
  11.   Ice cubes can intice cats to drink water
  12.   Save Your Furniture, by Pam Ricciardi
  13.   Tearing Upholstery, Carpets, etc.
  14.   Can I Remove Cat Odors?
  15.   Grooming


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bulletNeat Cat Stories
  1. Rainbow Bridge (Inspirational to cat lovers)
  2. Rags to Riches (a story about two Minneapolis book store cats)
  3. Goodbye Charley, we'll miss you
  4. Curtis Moves to Roswell
  5. Truly an Angel
  6. The Cat Who Went to Paris
  7. A Cat Abroad
  8. The Cat Who
  9. Building A Relationship with My New Cat
  10.   A Cat Tale from the North Woods
  11.   No Bells A ringin'
  12.   The Monster Chronicles
  13.   Oh, If Irish Cats Could Talk
  14.   Beezus, Queen of the Eighty-Eights
  15.   An Adoption Success Story
  16.   Bringing up Baby
  17. Casey Meets The Cat Tester
  18.   A Tail of Two Cats
  19.   For All the Good Critters


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  1. Oh, Sweet Mystery of Catnip
  2. Why Shop Neighborhood Pet Stores?
  3. Minnie's Morsels for Mature Cats
  4. Cat on a Hot Tin Stove
  5. The Classy Cat for Great Toys
  6. A Time to Reflect (About Deceased Cat Care)
  7. All My Patients are Under the Bed 
  8. Adopt Your Very Own Computer Cat
  9. Love and Tunafish Cakes
  10.    Heinz Homeless Pet Program
  11.    Adoption, by Mr. Pat Davitt (Cat Sitter of Rochester, MN)
  12.    Cat Lovers' Cookbook
  13.    Magic catz: Your Computer Petz
  14.   Capturing Kitty on Film
  15.    Adoption Guidelines
  16.   Pet Pride 2000
  17.   Memory Wall
  18.   Book Corner

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bullet About The Cat Sitter
  1. Notes from Linda, The Cat Sitter
  2. New Logo
  3. New Product
  4. New Products:  The Nature Collection
  5. New Products (The Seashore Collection)
  6. Play with new Toys!
  7. Client Referrals for Cat Sitting Service
  8. The Cat Sitter is Now Franchising
  9. Atlanta Area Franchises Available
  10. The Country Catnip Toy Catalog
  11.   Things You Should Know About The Cat Sitter
  12.   Welcome Addition to The Cat Sitter Family
  13.    New Kid on the Block
  14.    New Name for The Cat Sitter Tribune
  15.    24 Hour Hour Answering Service
  16.    We Want Your Suggestions
  17.    Use Our Toll Free Telephone Line Service
  18.    Free Kitty Visits for Referrals
  19.    The Cat Sitter Receives Refillable Toys Patent
  20.    A Special Thanks to Cats at Delk Spectrum
  21.    New Horizons for The Cat Sitter, by Linda J. Bagne,
  22.   Franchises Available
  23.   Franchises Available
  24.   Rochester, MN E Mail Announcement

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bulletCats Needing Homes (Note that most of these cats have found homes         
  1. In need of a home (Roswell, GA)
  2. A Cat with special needs, by Pat Davitt
  3. Looking for New Homes
  4. Two Loving Mature Cats
  5. Wanted:  A Loving Home
  6. Rachel needs a home
  7. New Home Needed
  8. Rose's Mom Needs a Home

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